Microsoft Security Copilot Defends your Organization at Machine Speed

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Microsoft Security Copilot is an AI security product from Microsoft that combines the power of OpenAI’s GPT-4 generative AI large language model (LLM), with a security-specific model from Microsoft, to help security defenders protect against cyberattacks.

The security-specific model in turn incorporates a growing set of security-specific skills and is informed by Microsoft’s unique global threat intelligence and more than 65 trillion daily signals. Security Copilot also delivers an enterprise-grade security and privacy-compliant experience as it runs on Azure’s hyperscale infrastructure.

Cybersecurity analysts and other security professionals can query Security Copilot through a prompt to the LLM and receive valuable information from the security-specific model thereby translating to gains in the quality of detection, speed of response and ability to strengthen security posture.

Security Copilot is always learning, meaning it continually learns from users and giving them the opportunity to give explicit feedback with the feedback feature that is built directly into the tool. As it continues learning from those interactions, it adjusts its responses to create more coherent, relevant and useful answers.

Security Copilot integrates with the end-to-end Microsoft Security products, and will over time integrate with third-party products to help organizations defend at machine speed.

Microsoft Security Copilot

Microsoft Security Copilot compliments work of security professionals through what Microsoft says are its three guiding principles:

Simplify the complex

In security, minutes count. With Security Copilot, defenders can respond to security incidents within minutes instead of hours or days. Security Copilot delivers critical step-by-step guidance and context through a natural language-based investigation experience that accelerates incident investigation and response. The ability to quickly summarize any process or event and tune reporting to suit a desired audience frees defenders to focus on the most pressing work.

Catch what others miss

Attackers hide behind noise and weak signals. Defenders can now discover malicious behavior and threat signals that could otherwise go undetected. Security Copilot surfaces prioritized threats in real time and anticipates a threat actor’s next move with continuous reasoning based on Microsoft’s global threat intelligence. Security Copilot also comes with skills that represent the expertise of security analysts in areas such as threat hunting, incident response and vulnerability management.

Address the talent gap

A security team’s capacity will always be limited by the team’s size and the natural limits of human attention. Security Copilot boosts your defenders’ skills with its ability to answer security-related questions – from the basic to the complex. Security Copilot continually learns from user interactions, adapts to enterprise preferences, and advises defenders on the best course of action to achieve more secure outcomes. It also supports learning for new team members as it exposes them to new skills and approaches as they develop. This enables security teams to do more with less, and to operate with the capabilities of a larger, more mature organization.

Here are the benefits of Microsoft Security Copilot

  1. Ongoing access to the most advanced OpenAI models to support the most demanding security tasks and applications
  2. A security-specific model that benefits from continuous reinforcement, learning and user feedback to meet the unique needs of security professionals;
  3. Visibility and evergreen threat intelligence powered by your organization’s security products and the 65 trillion threat signals Microsoft sees every day to ensure that security teams are operating with the latest knowledge of attackers, their tactics, techniques, and procedures;
  4. Integration with Microsoft’s end-to-end security portfolio for a highly efficient experience that builds on the security signals;
  5. A growing list of unique skills and prompts that elevate the expertise of security teams and set the bar higher for what is possible even under limited resources.

How does Microsoft Security Copilot handle your data?

According to Microsoft, they assure data privacy as highlighted below:

  1. Your data is your data. It’s yours to own and control, and yours to choose how you want to leverage and monetize.
  2. Your data is not used to train or enrich foundation AI models used by others – no one beyond your organization is benefiting from AI trained on your data or business processes.
  3. Your data and AI models are protected at every step by the most comprehensive enterprise compliance and security controls in the industry.

Microsoft Security Copilot Release Date

Microsoft Security Copilot was released on 28th March 2023.

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